Born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and having a father in the Navy meant Stephanie was well traveled at a young age. Before the age of 10, home was Idaho, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Hawaii. Stephanie graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and an Associates in Accounting.

Steph and her husband live in Charlevoix, Michigan. They have two grown children and 2 golden fur babies, Nutmeg and Rosemary. Stephanie describes herself as being very organized and liking things to make sense. However, she does exercise her right brain quite frequently as she enjoys painting, cross-stitch, and sewing.

  • Favorite Boyne Boat Yard Project- My favorite types of project at Boyne Boat Yard are the longer ones, where we get to know a little more about our customers.
  • Favorite 16 Acre Fundamental- So many of the 16 Acre fundamentals “speak” to me, but I have to say that my favorite is #9: Pay Attention to the Details. In my line of work, I find that when we pay attention to the details, the big things work themselves out.
  • Best Thing About Working at Boyne Boat Yard: The best thing about working at Boyne Boat Yard is the sense of family. This is true across our entire 16 Acres- we all look out for each other, enjoy each other’s successes (both personally and professionally) and commiserate together when faced with unfortunate circumstances.